The Magical Golden Globes

The golden time of the year has finally come and gone.


What better way to welcome 2019 than with one of the biggest events of the season? I’m clearly referring to the glamourous Golden Globes.


Just like any other year, Hollywood’s ultra-glamourous Beverly Hilton Hotel hosted the 76th Golden Globes, and just like any other year the red carpet was flooded with the most famous stars of the entertainment industry.


As many of you will surely remember, most of the last year’s outfits aimed to reflect a strong female power, in order to fight against sexual harassment, as a result of the Weinstein scandal. This was the real trigger event, in which social media played an important role, helping to spread the news and uniting all the victims with the viral hashtag “MeToo”.


This time though, despite the lack of the same activist power, it managed to still be very feminist, in the spirit of a charming, fairytale-like atmosphere, a concept which was completely embraced by Lady Gaga, who could be crowned as the ultimate fairy godmother of the whole red carpet.


But it wasn’t all just about fairies and magic, another remarkable trend was surely based on a throwback to the old Hollywood of the 50s, with all those Grace Kelly-inspired hairstyles, and iconic dresses.


As per usual, many were the outfits that were incredibly memorable, but let’s try to rank the top 5 that definitely drew everyone’s attention.


I. The queen of the red carpet, Lady Gaga


As said before, she was indeed, a real fairy wearing Valentino.


The actress of the award-nominated movie “A Star Is Born” was able to catch everyone’s eye thanks to a long, turquoise dress that matched both with her hair-bun and her iconic Tiffany’s necklace.




II. Golden Couple, Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper


They are a pair that surely you don’t hear much about, but they decided to make a rare appearance together on the red carpet this year and it’s easy to see how lovely they look together.


She’s an actual goddess; sexy, shiny dress, almost transparent but not too revealing and a long bob that perfectly suits the shape of her face.


On her left, Cooper, nominated for acting and directing “A Star Is Born” looked super handsome in his total white suit and tie.


They basically were a couple of gods.




III. Old Hollywood Diva, Sandra Oh


Co-presenter of the Globes, star of the beloved show “Gray’s Anatomy”, was totally alluring.


This vintage look consisted of a short bob with classy curls and captivating red lipstick, but the highlight was surely her dress: ivory, with a long train, mermaid, a big sleeve on one side and sleeveless on the other.




IV. White Queen, Jamie Lee Curtis


Then there’s someone like her, 60, in perfect shape, who made the best decision in choosing a very bold dress for the globes.


And it was all about charme in white and silver.


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V. Black beauty, Lupita Nyong’o


Last but not least, someone who was in the same mood as Lady Gaga, Lupita amazed everyone with this beautiful blue dress with a waterfall of pearls that made her shine like never before. Two diamonds earrings completed the outfit. The final effect? Pure light.